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The Clan na Bheithir is a nonpolitical sub-unit of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The fact that neither the SCA nor any local temporal power has any control over us obviously brings us to the conclusion that they can therefore in no way be held accountable for our actions.

The Clan stands for freedom and fun while exploring various aspects of antiquated lifestyles. We put forth the proposition that there were many people, not unlike us, in all aspects of pre-eighteenth century life, as well as foppish and stately persons (not unlike present times). We also suggest that it is this beautiful melange of sub-sub-sub-cultures which makes the intricate tapestry of our existence bearable, if not enjoyable.

We have many members from all walks of life; spanning age, locale, race, creed, etc. These free-wheeling folk take on personae from many different times and places around the globe. While it is true that the Clan was started by and primarily consists of Scots-Irish, we do not discriminate, but we are not indiscriminate.

We invite you to explore our web site. If you're in the area, drop by for a beer (home-brew of course) and some good old fashioned hospitality. However, if you really want to live one facet of our experience; throw on a plaid, paint yourself blue, fill up a drinking horn, and start dancing around a burning wicker sacrifice.


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